How to utilise the 360° Digital Twin

Working remotely is more common, consequently we need to digitize the way we work. In the following video you will learn how to utilise the 360° Digital Twin to improve communication and cut travel and planning costs.

Let’s solve a typical offshore case:

When managing or planning maintenance on offshore installations, a mechanic is sent offshore for inspection, prior to the execution of the work. The specialist attends meetings and in many instances, waits around. Suddenly, the weather conditions cause a helicopter delay. Now, the specialist is stuck offshore.

Did the specialist need to travel to the rig at all? Give her/him access to the 360° Digital Twin and perform a virtual inspection together with the team. Clarify the work scope, avoid misunderstandings and perform 3D measurements of areas and modules. A dedicated rig employee can perform the control measurement for you.

Many tasks can be inspected remotely. The specialist and the rig team, using the 360° Digital Twin have communicated thorougly and are fully prepared for the job, while still being onshore.

Don’t worry about transport, accommodation, weather conditions, and most importantly, the safety risk of persons who are not familiar on the rig.
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