Products & Demos

The APIteq advanced Digital Twin and 3D Scanning and Point Cloud Solutions have been provided to more than 70 Oil & Energy projects world-wide, including 14 projects and installations for Saudi Aramco in the Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aramco, together with Equinor Norway and Shell International remain the largest customers.

APIteq is commercializing a unique 3D scanning technology tailor made to improve how drill bits are inspected and graded to facilitate drill bit optimization and improved drill bit design, as well as for enabling 3D printing of spare parts through advanced Additive Manufacturing. Both these business segments are in the need of very precise and automated 3D scanning technology to fill the missing link in their business model and product offering.


The 3DRILL™ Scanner and complementary dull bit grading software will enhance and optimize drill bit design through machine learning and can save rig time and costs. Furthermore, by reducing drilling time, the carbon footprint associated with drilling activity is reduced.

360° Digital Twin

The 360° Digital Twin is a visualization and communication tool that allows you to see all critical areas of your installation in 360 panoramic images in a browser on your PC. No software installation needed.


360° Digital Twin VAM Software

The 360 Digital Twin VAM (Visual Asset Management) is a browser-based database application software with administration and edit license which allows management of updating, adding content and maintaining your projects.

3D Scanning and 3D Point Cloud

The 3D Photo scanner generates a very high quality 3D point cloud model for engineering purpose. Suitable for small and tight areas.

The 3D Viewer allows you to view massive 3D point cloud models over the internet.