Crime Scene


APIteq has improved the way Crime Scene data is recorded, organized and presented.  The Civetta Camera captures any crime scene, in great detail, in a matter of minutes. In combination with the 360° VAM software, all case-related material can be uploaded, digitized, interlinked and shared across secure networks for easy collaboration. This valuable tool assists in all aspects of investigations, documentation, planning and training.

  • The Civetta produces 360° HD photos (100 megapixel), with full 3D measurement capability, and needs no special training to use.
  • 360° VAM Software accepts nearly all formats and file types (video, audio, documents, URL’s, photographs and 3D models)
  • Advanced software that is simple to use. Documents regarding fingerprints, footprints, DNA and other evidence can be uploaded and linked to relevant material with a simple “drag and drop” system.
  • Creating a interactive visual presentation will enhance criminal investigations and court cases by improving the clarity and organization of evidence.