The APIteq advanced 360° Digital Twin solutions have been provided to more than 70 Oil & Energy projects world-wide.

There is a need to continue digitization of energy business processes to facilitate sustainable and green processes. Especially in the oil and energy sector, more precisely in drilling operations, there is a need to enhance drilling time and optimization of drill bits, as well as virtual inventories and additive manufacturing of spare parts, and APIteq intend to taker a leading role in this development.

APIteq is now offering a new, unique drill bit scanning and dull bit grading technology to facilitate digitalization of dull bit grading and drill bit optimization; the 3DRILL™ drill bit scanner and dull bit grading software.

In 2021, APIteq is proud to welcome ASH Group as investor in our company with a common goal of providing the best technology and service.

We are welcoming investors to participate in the future of digitalization.

SPE PAPER – 360 Digital Twin

Feel free to download our published SPE Paper –  Analyzing the Benefits of Utilizing 360° Panoramic Photo Survey Technology on a Shell Offshore Platform.

SPE paper – Digital Twin Solutions from APIteq