Automatic 3D Drill Bit Scanner & Dull Bit Grading Software for Drill Bit Optimization & Digital Drill Bit Inspection

The 3DRILL™ generates high resolution 3D Point Cloud Models with photographic representation for remote inspection of drilling and coring bits. The drill bits are scanned to precisely determine the wear, which is critical to decide whether to re-use or replace.

Traditionally, drill bits are inspected manually and graded according to an international grading system. The grading is subjective, and performed in red zone on drill floor. Replacement of drill bits are highly expensive, including rig time.

The 3DRILL™ scanner may be used to provide very precise 3D models of your drill bits in a workshop environment using our current 3DRILL™ WS model. The highly accurate 3D models with detailed bit wear patterns is ideal for designing better and more efficient drill bits.

What you get

+ Wear measurements and wear characteristics.
+ Cutter and diamond table volumes.
+ Compare against original sharp bit for QC, QA or development.
+ Export to CSV file or any other output file format to pull into EDR drilling data sets.
+ Fully automated AI.

Service advantages

+ Scanning without operators in red zone on drill floor.
+ Fully automated photo scanning and data transfer to subject matter experts.
+ Precise 3D Model facilitates optimized drill bit replacement.
+ Granular resolution <1/1000 inch.
+ Availability of precise 3Drill data enables optimized drill bit design through advanced machine learning.

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